Membership packages 2019

The number of membership packages are limited and are available in sequence of the application and payment. The membership gets valid after confirmation and payment received within 8 days. Special offers will be available by then. Otherwise the application will be canceled and a new application will be confirmed after other new applications arrived during that time.

The discounted green fees can be obtained by the members holding the membership cards at the below listed clubs and are only valid for green fees. The discounts are not valid for competitions held by the clubs or other organisations and are not equal with special prices provided by the clubs to their members.

Deadline for the special offer has expired:
If You join Golfiesta Gold membership until 15 November 2018, you are eligible to purchase the 2019 annual membership (valid from the date of purchase until 31 December 2019) at Academy Golf Budapest for only 99,900 HUF.
Both purchase shall happen prior to 15th November 2018.

White Membership Package
+ EGA card
Special price entry fee for the GOLFIESTA competitions
Eligible to enter the Club day competitions
10% green fee discount at the following golf clubs: Academy Golf Budapest, Magyar Golf Club, Pannonia Golf & Country Club, Greenfield Golf, Balaton Golf Club, Zala Springs Golf Resort, Hencse National Golf Club
A bucket of range balls for free and discounted golf cart rental when purchasing green fee at Zala Springs Golf Resort
2 tokens per month for free at Academy Golf Budapest
Free use of the web-based scorecard registration system provided by the club
Official HCP management and EGA license
GOLFIESTA branded items
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Tagsági csomag érdeklődés // Membership package inquiry

  • Küldd el a telefonszámod, e-mail címed nekünk és jelöld meg, hogy melyik tagsági csomag opció érdekel, hogy felvehessük veled a kapcsolatot és válaszolhassunk kérdéseidre az egyesülettel, tagsággal kapcsolatban!

    Send us your name and contact infos to let us get back to you with further information regarding our membership packages for the actual season.

Biztonsági ellenőrzés / Verification

⁕   The terms and conditions of the discounts at Greenfield Golf are under negotiation.

1  The official HCP managed in the PC Caddie system is accreted by the Hungarian Golf Federation and EGA. This is an obligatory for the golfers to be able to take part in the competitions and according to the results their HCP will be updated and maintained in the system. According to the 2016 rules of the Hungarian Golf Federation in domestic competitions only players having valid HCP management at one of the domestic golf clubs are allowed to take part. Due to lack of this the results will not be validated.

GOLFIESTA is a member of the Hungarian Golf Federation from 2017 therefore we have to apply to the rules of the Federation. Our club’s web-based HCP registration system used in 2016 is going to be used as scorecard register onwards. The official HCP management will be provided through the accreted PC Caddie system.

2  Obtaining EGA license is possible at our club and the card provided has a fee of 10,000 HUF. The fee is defined by the European Association and shall be paid when purchased. Our members can obtain it at our club.

3 From 27 April, 2019 the special green fee discounts for Golfiesta members are not valid at Old Lake Golf Club.

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